Long and expensive divorce process

How to Avoid a Long and Expensive Divorce Process

When contemplating divorce, many individuals grow concerned about the costs and the amount of time that the entire process will take. However, divorcing spouses can contribute to having a smoother case with a more positive outcome, having more controlled costs, and a shortened duration of the process.

Consider these possible steps as strategies that can assist in minimizing the divorce process and increase collaboration between the spouses.

Choose a Lawyer You Trust

Divorcing spouses should be mindful that they will need to work closely with their divorce lawyers in order to move through the process efficiently. With this in mind, an individual should
retain a trustworthy lawyer who is backed by a reputation of success. This will help the divorcing spouse feel more comfortable when they are asked to complete a task for the divorce process.

Work with the Attorney to Set Realistic Expectations

The next step in moving towards a timely and affordable divorce is for a client and his/her lawyer to set realistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations only lengthen the process and cause the spouse and lawyer to adjust expectations when things do not go as expected. Setting realistic expectations from the start of the divorce process allows the attorney to generate these realistic and attainable legal strategies that will work for you.

Below are two examples of unrealistic vs realistic expectations in a divorce process:

Unrealistic Expectations
Realistic Expectations
I want sole custody of my child even though my ex-spouse has done nothing wrong. I would like to have physical custody of my child and allow my spouse to have visitation rights since I have been the primary caregiver for my child.
I don’t want to divide any assets with my ex-spouse. I am okay with dividing community property. However, I would like to find a way to keep the majority of my pension since much of it was earned before and/or after the marriage.

Understanding What Actions Can Increase Attorney Fees

In every divorce, spouses must take responsibility for numerous factors. It is the job of the lawyer to inform the spouse (their client) what he/she is responsible for during the process of the divorce to ensure things progress smoothly. If a spouse fails to comply with an attorney’s wishes, or does not comply in a timely manner, the divorce process may take longer, which can increase attorney fees.

Understand that Your Case Can Go to Trial

Some divorce cases go to trial when spouses cannot agree on substantial issues. Of course this can lengthen the divorce process and increase the chances of higher attorney fees. However, most divorces can and should be settled prior to trial. For this reason it is extremely important that divorcing individuals and their lawyers work diligently to handle all legal aspects of their case as cordially, respectfully, and cooperatively as possible.

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