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Stepparent Adoption

Today’s family can often be a mash-up of previous relationships. If you think of the Brady Bunch, you might get a clear picture of what this might mean. At times one of the biological parents may no longer be a part of the family. This can open up an opportunity for families to consider stepparent adoption.

A stepparent adoption is where a child‘s stepparent, the husband or wife of the child’s biological parent, wishes to officially adopt the child as his or her own. In some cases families may choose this option which can create one last name for the whole family. This can offer a benefit of the family feeling closer and more unified.

An official adoption can have implications for inheritance and wills. Stepparent adoption may make a child feel more loved, secure and part of the family unit than he or she may have felt before. Adoption hearings can be a joyous event; extended family is invited to attend and photographs of the newly minted family can earmark the day.

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