Extended summer vacations afer divorce can be difficult

Extended summer vacations after divorce can be difficult

As summer approaches, you are probably looking forward to some quality family-time with your child. Whether it is relaxing along a beach or enjoying Disney World’s thrills, an extended summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and to create meaningful family memories. However, put custody agreements into the mix and even the simplest vacation can become complicated ordeals.

If you are going through a divorce, you will need to keep in mind how to plan for uninterrupted time such as a summer vacation. A divorce agreement could potentially outline any possible vacation plans from the number of weeks per year to requiring your child attends summer school programs or camps. However, as you go forward negotiating your divorce agreement, consider all the possible implications, including future ones. As long as you and your former spouse agree, the judge will probably approve any extended time guidelines, but that may come at a cost. Part of any custody agreement are the terms the court will have the power to enforce. If your extended vacation plans fail to meet those requirements, such as not recognizing strict timelines for shared custody, then you will either have to change your plans or receive legal consequences.

Communication and ample notification are key

If you are planning an extended summer vacation this year, then communicating your plans with your former spouse is vital. Being completely transparent during the divorce about your plans and priorities for child custody will give you the best chance to preserve quality vacation time for you and your child. After divorce, family vacations will be completely dictated by your custody agreement so establishing a clear line of communication from the get-go is key. As deciding which mode of communication to use, written notification may be the best bet since it leaves little room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

Start planning

As you are planning your extended summer vacation, conferring with a divorce attorney will help give you peace of mind when it comes to child custody. Dedicated to serving the residents of Irvine, California, Buncher Family Law are experts in child custody. We know you want to what’s best for your child and we will work with you to help protect you rights for summer vacation custody. Being divorced does not have to mean limited family time. Schedule a free consultation with Bucher Law Corporation to secure your future with your child.

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