Don’t Get Divorced Online

Don’t Get Divorced Online

Ending marriage can not only be complicated, but it can be a costly process, as well. For this reason, more and more people are looking for cheaper alternatives rather than the traditional route of hiring a divorce attorney. Getting a divorce online has become more and more popular because it’s easy, cheap, and fast — which appeals to people who have a busy schedule, as well as concerns about money.

However, an online divorce can have it share of problems.

  • The “DIY” packets may not contain all of the forms and information you need to complete the divorce process.
  • Most online services don’t have attorneys or paralegals on their staff who can review your completed paperwork in case it’s incorrect.
  • The risk of making a mistake when using an online divorce company is quite high and can be very costly for you.

Besides the normal issues, there are a lot of scam websites out there with one goal — taking your money. Many people have been victims of such scammers and have had extensive problems because of it. Beware! If the site has a lot of bad reviews by past consumers, you should steer clear of using it.

Moreover, online divorce services don’t work in contested divorce situations. You can certainly fill out the necessary “standard” paperwork online and try to file it without legal help, but you may end up regretting that decision when child custody or visitation rights, a mortgage, or retirement plans, for example, are involved in your divorce. 

Don’t Drag Out the Situation  

One of the appeals of getting divorced online is the cost. In a majority of cases, couples using online divorce sites are divorcing on good terms, therefore they believe that a DIY divorce is saving them money. However, divorces do result in lower attorneys’ fees, and you have an enormous added benefit: your attorney’s goal is to protect your interests. And, while many sites advertise a “total cost” for a DIY, there are often “hidden” costs that were not listed in the initial advertisement.

Completing all of the necessary forms yourself can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. If mistakes are made when filling out the forms, everything will need to be re-submitted. All the time and effort you put into supplying the required information will be wasted. Because divorce attorneys are experienced in the process, they can move through it quickly and efficiently, potentially saving you a substantial amount of time.

Finally, filing for divorce online is not a guarantee that the parties involved won’t end up in court. For example, in cases involving children, the judge might find it necessary to speak to one or both of the involved parties. 

Speak with A Real Attorney About Your Options

There is no substitute for being able to talk to someone face-to-face about all of the facets of the divorce process. Communicating with a “virtual” system can be very difficult. In many cases, the customer service department of online divorce sites can handle general questions, but have problems providing answers to more specific questions.

While the idea of ending marriage using an online divorce service may seem more affordable and convenient, divorces can have a lot of technicalities that need to be properly addressed. Avoid the pitfalls of an online divorce and call an attorney specializing in divorce to make sure that your interests are protected.

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