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Modern Signs that they May be Cheating

You think that your partner may be cheating, but how can you know for sure? If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, what are some signs that they’re cheating? While the signs of cheating can look different in every relationship, there are some common scenarios for you to be on the lookout for. 

You may notice a change in your partner’s habits and routines. For example, if your partner suddenly finds it necessary to work late, and that becomes a habit, they may be cheating. Or, perhaps your partner, who has never traveled for business before, suddenly announces that he or she now needs to travel for the job.  

Other signs that they’re cheating maybe a rash of unexplained expenses — odd charges on your partner’s credit cards, withdrawals from bank accounts or retirement/investment accounts, could be a sign of infidelity.  When you question them about these unusual expenses or withdrawals, their answers just don’t ring true.

What to Watch for

If your significant other suddenly starts to take an interest in his or her appearance when this wasn’t a priority before, perhaps they’re trying to be more attractive for someone other than you. Have they started eating a much healthier diet and exercising more than usual? Are they sporting a new haircut or style after years of looking the same? Are you noticing that they’re wearing a new cologne or perfume when the only scent they wore before was from deodorant or shaving cream?

Secretive phone use is another sign to watch for. If your partner’s phone or computer suddenly requires a password when one was never needed before, if they suddenly begin deleting texts and clearing the browser history every day, or never relinquish the possession of their phone, these aren’t good signs.

A cheating partner may not be in communication with you like they had been in the past. They are less likely to answer your calls or respond to your texts. They may concoct what they think are legitimate-sounding excuses about not knowing that you were trying to reach them.

Other possible signs that your partner is being unfaithful could be decreased interest in sex or introducing new techniques into your sex life, hostility towards you, personally, or your relationship, or a growing lack of emotional intimacy.

Your Next Move

If you do learn that your partner has been unfaithful, it’s not a good idea to keep that information, along with your fears and emotions, to yourself. If you can’t bring yourself to confronting a cheating spouse or partner, talk to a trusted friend, therapist, or your pastor. 

You can certainly consider working through a cheating marriage to restore the trust that’s been lost. But, if you’re considering divorce and need the services of a family lawyer, the Orange County law firm of Buncher Family Law, located in Irvine, handles all facets of family law proceedings that can arise as part of a divorce.

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