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How We’ve Become One of Orange County’s Top High Net Worth Divorce Law Firms

The Orange County divorce rate is one of the highest in the country, a staggering 72% compared to the nation’s 50%.  Complicated matters are some of the issues facing high net worth individuals divorcing in the county.  These high net worth divorces are often characterized by differing and complex assets acquired during the course of the marriage, making the dissolution much more difficult.  Multiple businesses, real estate holdings, trusts, non-traditional and complex investments, pensions, and portfolios of diversified financial investments often come into play.

Individuals other than the divorcing parties may share interests in some of the assets mentioned, and could therefore, significantly become impacted by the divorce, and/or even forced to become a party in the divorce litigation. Often divorce lawyers will need to work with trusted outside advisors regarding how business valuations, financials and tax issues may impact a case.

Further, related but separate civil actions could result in civil court proceedings (as opposed to family court) where business and contracts involving third parties are affected.  In these cases a divorcing party may have concerns about keeping and maintaining a profitable business or businesses and/or the potential sale of a business. There can also be the possible public relations crises with employees and/or customers due to loss of faith in the business and/or separate litigation with partners, employees, or even suppliers. 

Such complex and high net worth divorces call for an attorney with both the knowledge of a Certified Family Law Specialist, and expertise as a business litigator that has significant experience in civil court.  This specific experience and knowledge helps to navigate the complex issues, avoid and/or manage spin off litigation in civil court, minimize public relation crises, and keep the business in the possession of the spouse, who operates it.

Skilled in the intricacies of both California’s divorce law in Family Court and business litigation in Civil Court, our lawyers at Buncher Law have the wisdom and expertise to navigate through the difficult waters likely to be encountered in complex, high asset divorces and work toward advantageous settlement options.

At Buncher Family Law, you will find some of the top lawyers in Orange County ready to fight for your financial security as well as protect your personal information with absolute trust and privacy.

Our attorneys are available for a consultation where they will analyze your situation   and discuss the best legal approach for your divorce case.  If you are facing a complex divorce you want an experienced high net worth divorce lawyer on your side to protect and secure your assets.

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