Served with Divorce Papers

If You’ve been Served with Divorce Papers, Here are the First Steps to Consider

Being served with divorce papers can feel overwhelming, whether it comes as a complete surprise, or you and your spouse have been separated for some length of time. At first, it may be difficult to remember that divorce is a legal process, although one fraught with emotions that can cloud your judgment and impact your future. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to get legal help. Your first step should be to hire a private divorce attorney who will ask questions about your specific situation and advise you on the next steps to take.

What Happens Next?

A good divorce lawyer will start by obtaining a complete history from you, including whether the two of you have children and what your goals are. This will enable your attorney to create the best strategy  for your specific issues. He or she may suggest that you consider divorce mediation if your situation seems amicable as it is a less expensive alternative to traditional court proceedings.

Next, your attorney will give you a listing of financial statements and other documents needed to develop a clear understanding of your financial picture. Finally, after taking into account any extenuating circumstances and determining the best course of action, he or she will file a response to the divorce papers. Your attorney will be responsible for scheduling meetings and court dates and will keep you informed along the way.

The Final Step before Moving Forward

The truth is, although California is a “community property” state, divorce settlements vary widely from case to case. You need the best divorce attorney in Orange County to ensure that your case is settled in a manner that is both expedient and fair. We have decades of experience handling divorce cases in family court. The skilled and caring professionals at Buncher Family Law can help you in navigating the process and moving forward after divorce.

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