Marriage Tips from Divorce Lawyers

The Top Marriage Tips from Divorce Lawyers

Every couple has its share of problems, ranging from minor disagreements to more serious problems that threaten the integrity of the relationship. Divorce attorney’s have insight, as do therapists, as to the contributing factors that can cause a marriage to fail.  Many think that marriages fail due to one big event, such as infidelity or a catastrophic financial decision, but the reality is the problems typically begin with small decisions or actions that build up over time.

Nobody gets married with the intention of divorce but the reality is staying married simply isn’t an option for all couples. There are many reasons people get divorced, but before you take the leap into the messy world of divorce proceedings, consider these marriage tips from divorce lawyers. It may seem counterintuitive to accept relationship tips from divorce lawyers, but in reality they see the issues that break up couples on a daily basis through the practice of divorce.

Tips to Save Your Marriage

  1. Deal with issues as they arise.  Do not let small issues turn into bigger issues that become insurmountable. Remember to forgive and not let resentment build up.
  2. Marriages are influenced by a variety of outside factors, including the economy.  Recessions and other situations that incite economic strain are enormous stressors on a relationship.  Don’t wait for a financial or external factor to hit to determine how to handle things.  Make a plan for dealing with financial struggles, talk to a financial advisor, and if something happens, communicate with your spouse and seek solutions together.
  3. Having kids, work stress or just life can sometimes take a toll and interfere with maintaining physical intimacy.  Plan date nights and remember to take time to continue to work on your relationship.  Don’t take your spouse for granted.
  4. Don’t get caught up in social media.  All too often a spouse feels neglected and turns to social media to find comfort in this space.  This can lead to mis-trust, infidelity or the appearance of such.  Communicate with your spouse about your feelings or seek a counselor to help you.

In the unfortunate event that you do need to seriously consider divorce, tips from divorce lawyers universally include  avoiding drama with your spouse. Not only do courts not appreciate a sob story, instigating drama in your relationship could negatively impact your case. Texting, calling or emailing your partner in a moment of anger will not be positively looked at in a courtroom, and is almost never worth it. But more importantly if you are considering divorce the first step should be to speak with a family law attorney about what the situation might look like for you, even prior to discussing things with your spouse.  This will allow you to create a plan and to learn how divorce could impact you and your family.

How to Proceed

If you are hoping to stay married, and feel your marriage can be saved, then seek out a couple’s therapist not a divorce lawyer. However, if you’ve decided that you’re ready for divorce our attorneys at Buncher Law are here to help. Divorce is a complicated process, and it is important to speak with an attorney to understand your options. Filing for divorce first has certain advantages, but more importantly you need to have a clear plan as once you decide to go down this route time is of the essence. Contact Buncher Family Law for a consultation today.

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