Signs you got married too soon

Signs you got married too soon

While it would be nice if all a marriage needed to grow and flourish would be love, that’s usually not the case. Some couples are so blinded by love or the idea of being in love as well as a strong physical attraction that they don’t get around to having meaningful discussions about the big issues they’ll face as the years go by. It takes a lot of work to make a marriage work.  

Getting married too soon is often cited as one of the more common reasons why people get divorced. The majority of marriages get into trouble when it comes to failing to meet each other’s expectations. When you make a commitment to get married, the expectation should be that you love your spouse-to-be for who they are right now, not who they could become. People can change, but you shouldn’t enter into a marriage expecting that to be the case with your future spouse.

The Top 10 Signs

What are some of the most common signs that you got married too soon? 

  1. Felt pressure from family, friends, your religion, or society.
  2. Got married as a way to fix personal and/or relationship problems.
  3. Never lived with your spouse before getting married.
  4. Did not have a clear picture of who you are, your own needs, goals, and issues.
  5. Did not talk about how each of you felt about having children.
  6. Not discussing the importance of your own career goals as well as those of your spouse.
  7. You had unrealistic expectations of your spouse.
  8. Conflicting religious beliefs.
  9. Not agreeing how to handle finances before you tied the knot.
  10. Not being able to compromise or work as a team.

There is No Perfect Time for Divorce

Marriage is complicated, especially if you got married too soon. If you enter into marriage too early or you haven’t had a chance to really figure out who you are and what’s important to you, it’s hard to choose the best partner. If you headed down the aisle without being fully in tune with yourself or knowing all you could about your spouse-to-be, you could be headed down the road to divorce.

When you got married, you wanted to be in it for the long haul, but it’s important to know when to get divorced. There are some situations when contacting a divorce attorney is important for your emotional as well as physical safety; for example, if your spouse is abusive, an addict, or suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder.

If you’re unhappy in your marriage and considering pursuing a divorce, you’ll want to talk to an attorney who can provide you with practical information about the divorce process as well as advice about transitioning to the next stage of your life. Buncher Family Law, divorce attorney in Orange County, handles nearly all facets of family law proceedings that can arise as part of a divorce.

Read our tips for divorcing a narcissist. Contact our office to discuss the steps you’ll need to take when initiating the divorce process.

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