Divorce and Covid: It’s more than Wearing a Mask and Washing Hands

Divorce and Covid: It’s more than Wearing a Mask and Washing Hands

The global pandemic impacts us all differently. Our routines are turned upside down and while one spouse may feel the need to clean everything, social distance, and homeschool the children the other may feel that this is not necessary.  The normal issues: lack of intimacy, money issues, affairs, and disputes over parenting are heightened during a time of stress keeping family law attorneys busier than ever.

In some instances, assets may have been impacted due to changes in job situations. And the general changes which have been taking place in our economy over the past few months must be taken into account. We are in unprecedented times which encourage both parties to take a step back and make informed choices. Our recent lockdown puts what’s missing in a marriage on full display.

For those going through a divorce at this time, having a plan and looking at the big picture is imperative.  Working with a financial advisor to discuss options and plan for the future can assist in achieving some peace of mind.  Where in the past a stay at home parent, or lower earning spouse, might not have to worry about finances, the pandemic has changed that reality. None of us know what the future may hold. Will the higher wage-earning spouse continue to have a job, healthcare, or funds to pay for the same expenses as before?

And for those already divorced that rely on child support and spousal support to pay their bills, the same concerns come into play. This is a time when the wage earners of the family might need to go back to court to adjust their payments based on change of circumstances such as job reduction, job loss, or lower earnings to those who own their own business.

Our children are greatly impacted during this healthcare crisis. Parents need, more than ever, to stay in close communication about how all of this might impact their particular situation. Will there be daycare? How will schooling responsibilities be structured if only virtual instruction is offered? How will parenting proceed if there is a Covid outbreak?  How does this change our custody arrangement and child support?  Who will take care of the children should one parent fall ill?  Bringing in an expert to help you figure out how to navigate these challenging times will assist you in knowing your options and then developing a plan.

Perhaps this pandemic will assist families to be collegial and cooperative, which can make moving through the dissolution process more palatable and effective. At Buncher Family Law, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to help you and your family effectively move through this challenging time as smoothly as possible. Whether you are considering divorce or need assistance with post Judgment modifications to face the new reality, our team is here to assist you.

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