Divorce and Post-Divorce Challenges and Opportunities Amid COVID-19

Divorce and Post-Divorce Amid COVID-19

Divorce and Post-Divorce Challenges and Opportunities Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 brings many challenges for divorcing couples. In its own right during normal times, divorce is a process (and a marathon). Physically and emotionally separating one household into two, figuring out division of finances and custody/visitation of the children can be burdensome for a couple to work through. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this all becomes much more difficult and stressful for all involved.

For those couples that are already divorced, other challenges may arise. These may include:

  • Blurred boundaries between home life and work
  • Kids with no extracurricular activities
  • Homeschooling
  • Decrease value of a business and/or assets
  • Loss of a job
  • Figuring out how to deal with a parent that works in a high risk “essential” position (e.g., health care).

COVID-19 has created a backlog of cases due to court closures in the spring. This has created additional stress on an already constrained court system. At Buncher Family Law, we understand how challenging these times can be. To that end, we have honed our services to accommodate clients’ current needs. 

For couples facing divorce, we now offer a variety of services to accommodate many needs:

  • Flat Fee Divorce at a lower price point for amicable couples
  • Mediation for those that want to stay out of the court system
  • And use of Private Judges for those with issues to litigate

With our Clear Path Legal Strategy ConsultationTM, our team is assisting clients to find the best path to move their divorce through this ever-challenging legal environment. 

For those clients already divorced, COVID-19 has presented many changes to current custody schedules, finances, retirement decisions, and families’ daily routines. A spouse that could previously afford a certain level of child support and/or spousal support may now need a modification due to decreased earnings from a business or loss of employment. Likewise, a spouse receiving support may need additional assistance due to loss of job, more time spent with kids, managing homeschooling schedules, etc. 

The bottom line is the courts are still open and hearing such matters. Even better, if spouses can reach agreement through assistance of counsel or mediation, then relief can be afforded more quickly and inexpensively while staying out of court through a stipulated order.

Whether a client is financially strapped, looking for clear guidance, needs assistance to modify an order or a strong advocate, the attorneys at Buncher Family Law can help. Our team is well aware of the nuances needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities which exist amidst COVID-19.

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