Divorcing a Gambling Addict

Divorcing a Gambling Addict

Lots of people enjoy occasional gambling.  But once a person transitions from occasional gambling to compulsively gambling, it is time to seek professional assistance. Even if your spouse is not gambling daily or can afford to lose some money, they still may have a gambling addiction.

When Gambling Becomes a Problem in the Relationship

A gambling addiction place great stress on even the strongest relationship.  It is common for a spouse with a gambling problem to become secretive, unable to explain where the family money is going, and possibly losing money. This secrecy can not only lead to divorce, but can cause long-term financial problems for both spouses. Before the family gets into serious debt, the problem must be faced head on.

You Can’t Fix Something You Don’t Understand

Enabling an addicted person only exacerbates the problem. Some spouses try to control their partner’s habit but that is a typically non-productive and doesn’t create a lasting solution. As with any addiction, the addict themselves must “hit bottom” before they can begin the arduous journey of recovery – with lots of help. Finding the best solution can be more quickly achieved by speaking with a professional who can guide you and your family through the recovery process.

Doing What’s Best for You

Spouses and children suffer when one partner has a gambling habit. Divorcing a gambler can be complicated. There can be countless arguments, bills that go unpaid, jobs lost, and adjustments made to budgets. The best thing you can do when facing this situation is to check with an attorney about the possibility of separating your finances from your spouse as quickly as possible.

Consulting with a divorce attorney who specializes in high net worth divorces, such as a Certified Family Law Specialist at Buncher Family Law, can help set a clear path of next steps for the family. This can be a strong first move when considering dissolving your marriage to someone struggling with a gambling addiction.

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