Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Divorce?

Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Divorce?

Deciding with whom to share private information about the status of your marriage is a highly personal decision. It’s a big life change, however, and folks that see you every day at work are likely to notice that you’re not quite yourself. They may wonder why your mood seems down or you’re distracted, but it’s still up to you whether you choose to confide in them. The same can’t be said for your boss.

Telling your employer about your divorce is recommended because chances are good you will have instances when you’ll need time off or will have to come in late or leave early. Being proactive by letting your boss know what’s happening will clear up any confusion regarding these schedule changes.

When you are thinking about what to say, remember to keep the discussion professional. Although your attitude may be affected by what’s going on in your personal life, it’s important not to let it alter your behavior at work.

What Not To Say

Telling your employer about your divorce should be centered on how it will affect your work. There is no need to divulge personal information, such as who is at fault for the marriage ending. You will need to let your boss know certain details that may impact your work including whether you’ll require time off to appear in court or attend mediation sessions.

Being honest with your employer helps them know what to expect during the process but should not include confessing personal details about the split with your spouse. Keep the conversation work-related and assure your boss that you will not use your marital issues as an excuse for performance changes while on the job.

Once your divorce is finalized, don’t forget to pay a visit to the HR department to update your marital status with them. As you move into this new stage in your life, they will need you to fill out the required paperwork pertaining to topics such as health insurance and taxes.

Getting the Right Advice During Divorce

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