Nasty Divorce Tricks to Watch Out ForNasty Divorce Tricks to Watch Out For

Watch Out for Nasty Divorce Tricks

When things are no longer working between you and your spouse, the ideal solution is to end your marriage with an amicable divorce. Depending on your ex’s attitude and the type of relationship, your divorce process may not be so peaceful. You may already have an idea of how things will go based on past arguments.

Does your spouse have a quick temper and tendency to go for the jugular when you have a disagreement? If so, they may try to engage in nasty divorce tricks that leave your personal and professional life in disarray. It’s critical to get out in front of the situation before it spins out of control. Being aware of the most common things to watch out for will help along with some divorce planning.

Common Tricks

One way to protect yourself from a terribly negative outcome is to learn about some divorce tricks that other people have perpetrated in the past.

  • Spying on You: Hack your e-mail, put spyware on computer or tablets.
  • Canceling credit cards: Maxing out or calling to cancel shared credit cards.
  • Emptying bank accounts: Removing all available funds from shared accounts.
  • Moving without notice:  Leaving the area without providing information in advance.
  • Sabotaging business: Diverting potential clients away to ruin business potential.
  • Hiding assets: Secretly transferring assets or property to hidden accounts.
  • Damage: Damaging, giving away or selling the ex’s individual property.
  • Refusing mediation: Being difficult and spiteful, trying to prolong the divorce.
  • Child custody: Keeping the other parent from seeing the children.

Unfortunately, when emotions are heightened people are capable of doing things that seem petty and mean to an outsider. Be aware that in the state of California, when you file for divorce, there are automatic restraining orders that go into place. Violating these restraining orders can have dire consequences including loss of assets to your spouse.  It is best to be prepared in case your spouse takes any of these actions as they can wreak havoc on your life and the court system is slow to give reparation.

Stay One Step Ahead

Learn about your finances and start to organize all of your financial documents including taxes.  Change the passwords to ALL of your accounts.  Don’t engage in social media as a tactic to get back at your spouse. Often, this behavior can later be used as evidence in your case.  Run a credit report so that you are aware of all open accounts with your name.  Protect your assets consult with an attorney so you do not violate any restraining orders.

Make a Plan

One of the best ways to keep your divorce from going down a negative path is to engage in divorce planning with an attorney. It is highly advised to plan prior to your spouse filing for divorce.  Click on the link to read, Tips to Consider Before Starting a Divorce, as this article provides additional clarity about these issues: Tips to Consider Before Starting a Divorce and Should you file for divorce before your spouse?

The Orange County divorce attorneys at Buncher Family Law can help you take steps to learn about the divorce process and protect yourself. Planning ahead and taking an organized and measured approach will help prevent some of the common problems that occur when dealing with a difficult spouse.

If you anticipate running into resistance, understanding more about how your situation will be affected by a divorce and developing a strategy to move forward is imperative.  Consider consulting with one of our attorneys today to develop your Clear Legal Strategy.

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