Tips to keep your divorce amicable

Tips to Keep Your Divorce Amicable

Going through a divorce is a big, emotional transition in one’s life, but it doesn’t have to result in hurt feelings and bitterness. Instead, out of respect for your history together, consider committing to the idea of keeping divorce amicable before you start. Working through the process with a positive and cooperative attitude will help you, your ex and your children, through this challenging time. The ultimate goal is to achieve a peaceful divorce. Here are steps you can take.

A good place to start is by learning  the exact requirements needed to get divorced in your home state. An experienced divorce attorney can walk you through the necessary legal steps and devise a plan to move forward. Armed with a solid understanding of the legal requirements and the commitment to keeping your focus on the future, you’ve increased your chances of a less acrimonious divorce.

Top tips

Remind yourself that your spouse is also facing a big, scary life transition, and be nice to them. Keeping divorce amicable depends on the two of you working together for the good of your family. Set goals for yourself, not only regarding what you’d like to get out of the divorce agreement, but those that pertain to staying physically and mentally healthy.

Find ways to prevent stress and anxiety from building up, such as exercising regularly and learning how to meditate. Taking good care of yourself will help you stay calm and kind during the divorce proceedings, which will have a direct effect on how your ex handles the situation as well. Another excellent way to reduce the potential for stress is to consider choosing mediation over litigation.

Mediation, where a neutral third party listens to both of your desires and issues for a fair and equitable resolution, is generally less confrontational, expensive and time-consuming than resolving your differences in a court of law. Dissolving a marriage is going to be hard work no matter how you go about it. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you will need to be patient along the way.

Everybody wins

When both sides commit to keeping divorce peaceful, everyone comes out ahead. Showing kindness to your ex will help the legal steps remain amicable and increase the chances that you can resolve your differences harmoniously and move on with your life.

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