Mental health management during divorce

Staying Mentally Healthy During a Divorce

Divorce surfaces a wide range of feelings for many spouses including feeling overwhelmed, emotional, angry, concerned about the future or just plain frightened. Research has shown that mood swings and feeling stressed, sad or anxious can be common feelings, not only during divorce but also in the first post-divorce years.

The divorce process can feel like a breach of trust. For some, there are struggles to get over feelings of abuse whether it be physical, emotional, financial, or sexual. Even those couples who agree that divorce is the best way to go, because the two spouses are now incompatible, can have strong and conflicting mental health challenges. Divorce is not easy.

What to Expect: The Emotions and Feelings of Divorce

The emotional stages of dealing with a divorce can be similar to those of dealing with the stages of grief. These might include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Divorce is simply not a linear process. Finding support can be a critical step in staying mentally healthy and focused as you go through your divorce.

  • Get a support system in place be it a therapist, good friend, or trusted family member.
  • Acknowledge that you will go through a wide range of feelings and emotions.
  • Give yourself permission to acknowledge your feelings and address them head-on.
  • Take care of yourself emotionally and physically.
  • Whenever possible, allow your family law attorney to deal with high-emotion or cantankerous issues.
  • Keep in mind that the divorce process will pass and that you will have a new beginning.
  • Let your children know you are there for them.
  • Find an activity you enjoy to stay optimistic and forward-thinking.

According to Professor Thomas Leopold at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Social Psychology, men and women may experience the process differently. In his study, Leopold found that men tend to have a more difficult time psychologically than women. And for many men, divorce comes as a shock.

Women, the study reported, can suffer differently. They tend to make more of an effort to save their marriage but also take a more active role in ending it. And on average, according to their study, women seem to start the coping process earlier helping them to be less vulnerable to the event. And women can have different stress points after the divorce such as being more negatively affected financially, causing its own stressors.

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