There's no shame in getting divorced

There is No Shame in Getting Divorced

It is not unusual for some going through divorce to feel embarrassed or even ashamed. Perhaps divorce conjures up feelings of disappointment or even failure. Many pledged when they got married to be committed for life. Frankly, things alter, feelings can change and situations certainly morph over time.

In reality, many struggle with emotions to move on after divorce not because of anger but due to feelings of shame – even with family and close friends. Continued involvement with a former spouse due to custody or alimony issues can keep this negative emotion front and center for quite a while.

Growing with Experience

There can be a stigma related to getting divorced. Some feel guilty which can trigger a negative emotion of feeling bad. But if that guilt transitions to shame it can mean a person believes they have done something wrong due to the lingering feelings surrounding their divorce.

If those negative emotions and feelings surface, getting support, or even counseling, can change your mind from negative emotions to positive feedback and emotions. This should be a time to focus on your needs and self-care.

Change Your Trajectory

Feelings of guilt can cause some to become accountable for their part in the divorce. But processing those feelings so that they do not morph into shame is a positive step to changing your trajectory to a more positive outlook. Support groups and conversations with close family members and friends can assist you in processing your emotions into a more positive outlook. Surround yourself with positive people, those who treat you well and only want to support you.

If you have decided that it is better to divorce than to stay unhappily married, consider what help you need to go through during one of life’s most challenging times.

At Buncher Family Law, our certified family specialists can guide you to expedite your divorce and move forward with your new life. With the support and guidance of our team, you can move on and even gain back some inner peace.

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