Is it normal to consider divorce while married?

Is It Normal to Consider Divorce While Married?

For plenty of married couples, the idea of even thinking about divorce can be a terrifying one. Many of us know that nearly half of all first marriages end in divorce, and having that statistic hanging over your new marriage can leave you feeling uncertain about the future.

The thought of ending a marriage can bring up numerous other complications and emotions that couples may not be prepared to navigate. After all, divorce impacts more than you and your spouse. Obviously having kids can affect your divorce proceedings, but so can family assets like a house or car. All of these factors and more have the mere idea of divorce sending the most committed of us into a panic.

If you have ever been bored or unhappy in your partnership, the idea of seeking a divorce may have crossed your mind. Perhaps you even felt guilty or ashamed for having such a thought. Since marital issues are so personal, the average person doesn’t know how many people consider divorce, making the process all the more isolating. But the reality is that considering divorce is relatively common, almost as common as the divorce itself.

It may be more common than you think

In a survey from the National Divorce Decision Making Project, more than half of married individuals reported considering divorce either in the past or currently. However, that doesn’t mean every married couple is on the brink of separation. In fact, the married people who reported thinking about divorce often also described hopes of working through issues with their spouse with the goal of fixing their marriage.

Furthermore, nearly all of the respondents that had thought about divorce but ended up staying married claimed they were happy with their decision to do so. Of course, the reasons to consider divorce play a role in whether or not the procedure will be pursued. Research indicates that couples with less severe marital problems (such as abuse or infidelity) are more likely to want to work hard to stay in their marriage.

Acting on those thoughts

The majority of respondents who described considering divorce had such thoughts infrequently. However, if you’ve been thinking about divorce for a long time, you may be heading towards action rather than simply ideation.

In terms of which gender files for divorce more, women are far more likely to initiate divorce than men. There is no shame in getting a divorce if that is what you think is right for your relationship or for you as an individual. The legal difficulties should not keep anyone trapped in a marriage they no longer enjoy. That’s why family law firms are so crucial.

At Buncher Family Law, our attorneys are experts in divorce and other legal matters that could impact your family unit. If you’ve thought long and hard and are ready to take the leap, we are here to make the process as painless as possible. Contact us today if you’re ready to step out of your marriage and into the rest of your life.

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