How celebrity and high profile divorces are different

How Celebrity and High Profile Divorces are Different

Many of us know someone in our lives who has gone through a divorce, but it’s rare to have a personal connection to famous couples going through divorces. There have been plenty of high profile divorces in the recent past, from Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to Bill and Melinda Gates. In fact, the divorce rates among celebrity couples are significantly higher than the national average.

While the ending of celebrity marriages can make the cover of a magazine, few of us actually know what the process entails. Are celebrity divorces easier because of the participants’ enormous wealth? Or does the magnitude of these assets make the proceedings harder to navigate? Here’s an inside look at what makes celebrity divorces different than an average case.

More to consider than just their marriage

In terms of how celebrity divorces are different, the fact that they take place in the public eye is an obvious factor. Divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing, and having to experience that while under the scrutiny of the media can take a toll. Sometimes, due to the nature of celebrity media, a star’s professional team may hear about the divorce before their spouse does. Before you know it, the details about celebrity divorces are plastered all over newsstands.

But there are plenty of other factors to take into consideration as well. Celebrity divorces are often as contentious as they are common. Disputes over assets such as intellectual property, copyrights, and royalties can quickly make celebrity divorces a lot more complicated.

One thing that can both lead to divorces among celebrities and further complicate the proceedings are scheduling conflicts. Actors, singers, and other entertainment industry professionals often spend long periods of time away from home for work, which can deepen the rifts within a marriage. This may contribute to divorce being more common between celebrities. Additionally, since celebrities are less likely to have money issues that may prevent the average person from leaving a marriage, they have more access to the divorce court system.

Focusing on your case

Studies show that witnessing the divorce of a close friend or relative is more likely to have you considering divorce yourself, and the same may be true of celebrities. Watching a public breakup may make you reexamine your own marriage or even think about contacting a divorce attorney. Though no one else can tell you when the right time to end a marriage is, there are some disadvantages of filing for divorce first. Before you jump into a major decision that could have unforeseen consequences, contact a family lawyer today for a consultation to determine what your options are.

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