You just got served divorce papers... what's next?

You Just Got Served Divorce Papers, What’s Next?

Being served with divorce papers can create a rollercoaster of emotions. If you’ve anticipated being served, you may not be surprised; but if the filing is unexpected, you might be shocked and hurt. You do not want to confront your spouse or react emotionally in ways that could jeopardize your legal case.

However, the way you handle yourself early in the divorce process is vital to how successful your divorce will be. Therefore, it’s important to understand what to do to ensure your case is handled properly. If you receive divorce papers, you need to call an experienced family law attorney who can help protect your rights, assets and help you develop a plan for the future.

It’s time to call an attorney

From the moment you’re served, your divorce process begins. You need an experienced divorce attorney who will guide you correctly right from the start.

The first step is understanding how to respond to divorce papers. It’s important that you respond to any petition that is filed or you may miss your chance to participate in the divorce proceedings and exercise your rights. In the state of California, you have 30 days from the date of service to file a response with the court. After that, you risk being defaulted.

Your attorney can help you with drafting and delivering the response papers, so they are received by the court before the deadline. If your divorce is not amicable, your attorney can help you craft a strategy based on your goals and what the law provides.

Seasoned family law attorneys know how to help you navigate the complexities of your case with more confidence and less stress, especially if child support, custody agreements, or the division of marital property is involved. Even if you are anticipating an amicable more collaborative divorce, an attorney can help in understanding how the law applies to your case and drafting a marital settlement agreement that will protect your interests.

If you’ve just been served divorce papers in the state of California, call a divorce attorney today.

The divorce process

As your divorce begins, many important decisions will be made early in the process. Your attorney will need specific information about your marriage and official documentation such as records of your finances and assets, tax returns, and property valuations. This information will be used to file divorce paperwork, complete financial declarations of disclosure and move towards finalizing your divorce.

Most divorce cases, however, are settled outside of court through mediation. At Buncher Family Law, we work to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Whether your case requires litigation or divorce mediation, we have the resources and access to experts to successfully represent you and defend your rights. If you need divorce help with any aspect of the divorce process, call Buncher Law today.

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