January is "Divorce Month." Here's why...

January is “Divorce Month”. Here’s Why…

January is usually a month reserved for recovering from the holidays, honoring New Year’s resolutions and starting fresh. For some, that includes divorce. In fact, the greatest number of divorce filings occur in January making it unofficially the most popular month to file for divorce.

A 2016 report from the University of Washington cited many reasons for this rise in divorce, which is sometimes one-third higher than the rest of the year. In addition to spiking in the beginning of January, divorce filings continue to increase throughout the first three months of the new year.

If you’re planning to file for divorce in January, it’s important to understand the reasons people wait to file for divorce, as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks to each.

Reasons to wait until January

One of the many reasons to wait to file for divorce in January is the holiday season. On one hand, many couples feel supported by their family while celebrating, and may finally be ready to divorce. They may also wait until the new year to avoid tax issues associated with divorce. If a couple remains married in the new year, they can file as a married couple while they arrange their individual finances.

On the other hand, the stresses of the holidays can push some couples to divorce. With gift buying, family obligations, holiday scheduling, tensions between couples may boil over. It’s also common for spouses to set aside differences for family and children during celebrations, even if they’ve already decided to divorce. Finally, the holidays themselves can be disappointing. For couples hoping to grow closer because of family time, they may become disillusioned when the holidays don’t live up to their expectations.

It’s important to keep in mind how long it takes to file for divorce so time your divorce correctly. If you plan to file for divorce in the new year, but are concerned about how to start the conversation an experienced divorce attorney can assist you.

Reasons to file now

There are plenty of bad reasons to stay married, including family, friends, and the holidays. But another reason to consider is the time it takes to divorce.

While the number of divorce filings begins to climb in January they won’t peak until March. This is because the divorce process takes time. It is prudent to explore your options, interview attorneys, organize your finances, and more. So while you may begin during divorce month you may not be officially divorced for several additional months.

Ultimately, you need to do what’s best for you. If you believe it’s time to end your marriage, don’t wait until January to speak with an experienced family law attorney. Call Buncher Family Law today.

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