Home Renovations Can Lead to Divorce

How Home Renovations Can Lead to Divorce

When couples decide to split up, it usually isn’t due to one reason but rather a buildup of unresolved problems in the relationship. There can be a tipping point with one particular event being the final straw, which explains how home renovations can lead to divorce. Renovations take time and money and usually involve having other people in the house for some period. The resulting disruption is hard on even the healthiest of relationships.

Polls conducted by the website Houzz.com, have revealed that up to 50% of people who’ve recently undergone home renovations report that the process caused significant stress on their marriage. A surprising 12% reported that going through home renovations caused them to consider or pursue divorce.

Just as experts have long insisted that communication is the key to a healthy marriage, the same applies to remodeling a home together. Ignoring each other’s likes and dislikes and bulldozing over your spouse’s opinions regarding style choices can cause deep resentment.

It’s Never Just One Thing

Designing, gutting, and installing a new kitchen or new bathroom are bigger endeavors than many people realize. While remodeling is fun to dream about the reality of the process can be quite stressful. It’s not uncommon to find out that part way through the project it is going to take more time and/or money than the original estimate. This can be due to a number of factors such as the contractor finding unforeseen problems with the house when they open up walls.

The expanding scope and cost of the project, along with big disagreements over design choices and personal style can all cause a couple to feel constant tension and result in frequent arguments. Still, can home renovations lead to divorce when there aren’t any existing problems with the marriage?

Home renovations, while stressful, are rarely the sole reason a couple considers ending their relationship. In most cases, there are other issues that are already causing strife in the marriage and the stress of undertaking a remodel causes the breaking point.

Taking On an Even Bigger Project

A few ways to mitigate the stress of home renovations are to collaborate with a good contractor and ensure that you and your spouse are communicating and listening effectively to one another throughout the project. Show respect for your spouse’s ideas and opinions rather than pushing your own agenda.

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