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Divorce Rate by Industry

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current divorce rate in the U.S. is 2.3% per 1,000 people. Factors such as age, race, and education level influence divorce rates. However, research also shows that the type of work a person does can be a significant factor as well.

In fact, Nathan Yau, a statistician from the data site Flowing Data, analyzed divorce statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Community Survey. This analysis aimed to determine the profession with the highest divorce rate as well as the lowest divorce rate.

What you do for a living can sometimes put a strain on your marriage. Whether it’s your income, employment status, or working too many hours, these types of issues can cause a couple to divorce.

According to Yau’s data, some professions with the highest divorce rates are in declining industries or in industries that have lower salaries. Divorce statistics are relatively low among professionals such as physicians, dentists, and optometrists.

What Industry has a 40% Divorce Rate?

According to the data from Flowing Data, the following industries have a 40% divorce rate:

  • Protective services
  • Transportation
  • Office and administrative support
  • Personal care and service
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Sales

Industries that have lower divorce rates include:

  • Health care
  • Computers and mathematics
  • Military
  • Education and library
  • Actuaries
  • Life, physical, and social sciences

Working Towards a Better Solution

While divorce rates by industry can help shed some light on why couples decide to divorce, there are other factors, including age, that can play a part in the decision to end their marriage.

For newly married couples, the average age to get divorced the first time is 30 years old; the most common age to get divorced is between the ages of 25 to 39. Sixty percent of all divorces involved couples in this age bracket.

No one decides to marry thinking that someday they will divorce. However, circumstances can change over the course of a marriage and divorce may be the right choice for you and your spouse.

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