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Divorce Attorney for Doctors and Affluent Professionals

Affluent Professionals and Doctors Need Family Law Attorneys with Specialized Experience

High-net-worth individuals, including physicians and other professionals, often have unique family law needs that require highly experienced attorneys to ensure their assets and legacies are protected. These individuals have worked hard to accumulate wealth and establish successful careers, and it is important that they take the necessary steps to protect what they have built. A Certified Family Law Specialist typically has more training, expertise and experience than their counterparts without the specialty designation and are a good choice for a professional divorcing with high assets.

Common Issues to Be Aware Of

One of the primary reasons that affluent individuals require an experienced family law attorney is due to the complex financial issues that often arise during divorce or separation. These individuals typically have a wide range of assets, including real estate, investments, retirement accounts, and business interests, which can be difficult to divide equitably without the help of a skilled attorney. A specialized family law attorney with experience working with high-net-worth individuals can help these clients navigate the complex financial issues that arise during divorce, including property division, spousal support, and tax implications. Additionally, these attorney’s often have financial and other experts that will assist in analyzing the complex issues that arise with a high asset professional.

Protecting Your Practice and Legacy

Doctors frequently have valuable intellectual property, such as patents or copyrights, non-fungible tokens, or business interests which need to be appropriately handled during divorce proceedings. It is important to have proper guidance and support to look at what of these items are community property and how to evaluate pre-marriage financial contribution and the interest the community might have in these assets. Ideally, a professional should meet with an attorney well in advance of a pending divorce so they can take the appropriate steps to strategically plan for the inevitable.

Another important consideration for high-net-worth individuals is the potential impact that divorce or separation can have on their professional careers. Doctors, for example, must be concerned how their personal life may impact their professional careers, and reputation within the medical community. A specialized family law attorney can help these clients navigate divorce issues to minimize their day-to-day involvement in the divorce and the impact on their professional careers.

It is for these reasons that affluent investors require specialized family law attorneys with experience in protecting their assets and legacies. These professionals can successfully circumvent complex financial issues, protect valuable investments and property, and ensure that their professional careers are not negatively impacted by a divorce proceeding. It is important for these individuals to take the necessary steps to protect what they have built and secure their future success.

At Buncher Law, our managing partner, Sven Buncher not only is a Certified Family Law Specialist, but he has a background in business litigation. The team at Buncher Law has assisted many high-asset professional’s divorce. They understand the importance of having the right team of advisors to assist with everything from Estate Planning and Business Evaluation to Forensic Accounting and Tax Implications.

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