Case Studies

Please note all names in these actual case studies are fictitious.

Divorce, Domestic Violence, and Child Custody Case

Domestic Violence Restraining Order against Drug Addicted Spouse

Dave’s wife was unable to abandon her drug abuse issue so he filed for divorce and custody of their 12 year old daughter. His wife, upset at the pending split, retaliated by physically attacking Dave and bringing a false claim against him alleging he had been abusing their daughter.

Marvin Action/Palimony Case

Marvin Claim Settlement in Non-Marital Relationship with Promise of Retirement

After dating for a year, Barry suggested Donna quit her lucrative career, sell her home, move into his home and help him operate his business in hopes of growing it large enough to eventually sell and live out their dream of traveling the world in retirement. In good faith Donna agreed.

Mediation Case

High Asset Couple

Throughout their marriage Sally and Joe accrued many assets and sometimes this can create complicated issues in high asset divorces.  With a Certified Family Law Specialist and extensive experience in business litigation, our team was able to assist Sally and Joe to successfully navigate these challenges.

Divorce Case

Use of Private Judge for Resolution

After six years of a languishing divorce case, Eric was fed up and decided to take action moving on from his family law attorney, who simply wasn’t paying attention to his case or his needs. Eric was referred to us by another attorney who understood that family matters move forward with alacrity at our firm.

Divorce Case


During the course of his re-election campaign, the media uncovered the fact that Peter and his wife were not legally married because his divorce papers from his first wife had not being filed properly.