Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Protecting the Safety & Reputation of Our Clients

What if My Case Involves Some Other Type of Restraining Order?

Domestic Violence Restraining orders apply to various domestic relationships, not just between married parties. People with existing or former dating relationships, and people closely related by blood are included. Other types of restraining orders can be obtained. We handle those as well for other types of relationships. These include Civil Harassment Restraining Orders and Workplace Restraining Orders.

Some people mistakenly choose to ignore a notice of a request for restraining orders issued against them. Do not do this! Requests for restraining orders can have severe ramifications, including irreparably damaging your personal and business reputation, giving a litigation advantage to the opposing party, and making you particularly vulnerable to future harassment by the opposing party by setting you up to be arrested.

If you have been served with an Emergency Protective Order, the District Attorney may elect to prosecute you in criminal court. Thus, you may end up needing to defend yourself in two courts: the criminal court, against the D.A., and the family law court against the alleged victim. Your defense in both arenas needs to be coordinated to be as effective as possible, and to avoid waiving your rights. We frequently work with top-rated criminal defense attorneys to coordinate the defense of our clients in family law and criminal court.

You need an attorney who has deep knowledge of the intricacies of the law and how to prepare and present a strong case within days or hours. We prosecute domestic violence restraining orders frequently and can often obtain a temporary restraining order the same day.

Understanding Domestic Violence

No one deserves to be the victim of domestic violence. Just as significant, no one deserves to have false claims of domestic violence made against them by an opposing party seeking a litigation advantage.

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Restraining Orders

Obtaining a restraining order can be a remedy to domestic violence. These orders can prohibit a perpetrator from coming within 100 yards of a protected party and his/her work place, house, and other family members.

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