High Asset Divorce

High Asset divorce prime property

Divorces involving high value assets and business interests typically present more complex and challenging issues.

Attorneys whom have not practiced outside the family court may lack the experience and foresight to plan for, avoid, or litigate related business and civil law issues that often arise. At Buncher Family Law we have experienced and well-rounded counsel to handle your complex and sensitive family law matters.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Counsel with Extensive Family Law Knowledge and Experience

With experience handling multimillion dollar, high asset cases with various business interests, we have represented a variety of clients from the discrete elite business owner to the professional athlete or politician.

Certified Family Law Specialist

We have counsel that have passed the experience and testing requirements obtaining the designation of a Certified Family Law Specialist with the State Bar of California. Less than one percent of family law attorneys meet this testing and experience requirement.

Business and Civil Litigation Expertise

High assets cases often involve related business and civil law issues. It is not uncommon for family law litigation to result in collateral matters that need to be filed outside the family law court that other family practitioners cannot handle. At Buncher Family Law you will have partner-led service with expertise in business and civil litigation. Not only do we regularly handle such complex matters, but we have the experience and foresight to better manage and try to avoid these situations.

Advice and Representation in Collateral Business Issues
  • Reputation management among business partners, employees, and customers;
  • Defamation litigation;
  • Protection of trade secrets and confidential information:
    - Failure to carefully handle mandatory disclosure of financial information, can result in the incidental disclosure to the public (or a vindictive spouse, employee or customer) of trade secret and confidential information about employees and owners.
  • Lock-out from business or business records;
Tried and True Business Litigation Experience

Past cases include breach of contract, embezzlement, buy-sell agreements, non-compete clauses, trade secret misappropriation, trade mark violation, interference with business interests, business lockouts, defamation and trade libel.

Special Considerations in High Asset Divorces

There are certain financial and other issues that require special consideration. Read about what you need to know.

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Business Issues in High Asset Divorces

The dissolution process  can be complicated by a variety of business related issues.

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If you are seeking a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer to handle your high asset divorce and related family law issues, we are ready to help.

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