Our Family Lawyers Explain Palimony for Cohabitation Actions

At The Buncher Law Corporation, our Irvine divorce lawyers assist clients pursuing Marvin Actions. Over the years, we have had countless successful results. If you have separated from your partner and wish to obtain your fair share of property or palimony, we have the skills to assist you. Marvin Actions refers to the civil court actions taken by individuals who have been cohabitating with a partner and never married. The term's name comes from Marvin v. Marvin, a 1976 case that involved a woman seeking support payments (or “palimony”) and half the property acquired during her relationship with a live-in partner after separation. The case, which was heard in a California court, granted her a judgment in support of the oral agreement she argued existed.

Our attorneys are involved in all aspects of Marvin Action, including:

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