Should You Tell Your Coworkers About Your Divorce

How to Handle Work During Divorce

Divorce is a challenging period in anyone’s life, especially when working full time. In fact, according to consultancy firm Integrated Organizational Development (IOD), productivity from a divorcing employee drops 50 to 75 […]

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50 year old facing divorce

Navigating Divorce at 50

Divorce can be a complicated and emotionally taxing process at any age but getting divorced at 50 brings unique challenges and opportunities. As individuals manage this transition in the later stages of […]

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gold bars and divorce papers representing income differences between spouses

How to Manage Income Differences in Divorce

Navigating the financial implications of divorce can be particularly challenging for couples with significant income disparities. In such cases, the lower-income spouse often faces greater financial uncertainty. Understanding the key aspects of […]

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couple on couch having divorce conversation

Divorce Isn’t Always Fair

Getting divorced is often unexpectedly arduous involving emotional, financial and psychological challenges that can take a toll on even the strongest individuals. It encompasses not just the legal dissolution of marriage but […]

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