establish paternity buncher law

How Paternity Is Established

Paternity is increasingly easier to establish due the advancement of technology via DNA testing. It can be done quickly and painlessly through DNA comparison of a swab sample of the cells from […]

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Mediator in a Divorce Proceeding

Mediation and Assets

What Information about Assets will a Mediator need in a Divorce Proceeding? In a mediation, both spouses decide to work collaboratively with a mediator. However, you can also retain your own independent […]

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Holiday Custody Strategies

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and togetherness, a time to enjoy getting together with family and friends. But, if you’re going through a divorce or parental custody […]

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Holiday Changes in Visitation

Visitation during the Holidays

Parenting Issues Can Be Challenging During the Holidays Divorce court judges tend to get busier during the end of the year as conflicts between parents over visitation during the holidays increases. Even […]

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adoption stepparent

Stepparent Adoption

Today’s family can often be a mash-up of previous relationships. If you think of the Brady Bunch, you might get a clear picture of what this might mean. At times one of […]

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custody moves

What Are “Move-Away” Orders?

Child custody and visitation cases can be some of the most challenging and contentious matters when it comes to family law. This is especially true when one parent wishes to relocate to another […]

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