Cohabitation / Support Modifications

Modifying Cohabitation or Support Orders in Orange County

Spousal support can be modified for reasons such as:

  • Sudden and serious illnesses
  • Supported spouse has an increase
  • Job loss


What Is Palimony?

Also known as Marvin Actions after the Marvin v. Marvin case of 1976, palimony refers to the support that is given to a former live-in partner. For example, if a couple lived together for many years without marrying, one of the partners may file for palimony support. Marvin Actions are expressed in verbal or written contracts, or in some cases, on implied grounds. Unlike spousal support cases that are handled in family law court, palimony claims must be filed in civil court.

Having the skilled representation of a lawyer can increase the chances that your palimony petition will be successful. Our firm is well-versed regarding this specific area of family law. In fact, Attorney Sven Buncher is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. Over the years, we have provided nuanced legal guidance to countless individuals, including same-sex couples.

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