Modification of Child Custody

After orders have been issued for legal custody, physical custody, and visitation of minor children, it is common for changes in circumstances to occur that warrant a modification of these orders. At The Buncher Law Corporation, our divorce lawyers are experienced and very knowledgeable in prosecuting and defending actions for modifications of child custody.


What Qualifies as a Valid Reason to Modify an Existing Order?

Here are some of the more common changes in circumstances that warrant child custody modifications:

  • A child expresses a strong preference to spend more time with one parent. This is particularly important at the age of 14 or thereafter.
  • The actual timeshare a parent has been spending with his/her child is materially different from the timeshare provided in the prior order.
  • Circumstances have changed which cause it to be in the best interest of the child to spend more time with a particular parent.
  • A parent has completed parenting classes and/or other counseling, and he or she is now better suited to spend more time with children and take on more parenting responsibilities.
  • A parent has become a substance abuser, neglected the parties' child, or has otherwise become less fit to see to the best interests and welfare of the parties' child.
  • An infant or young child has matured, causing the child to be capable of seeing each parent for larger continuous blocks of time rather than needed to be with the mother every day.

When there is a change in child custody orders, it is also usually appropriate to modify the amount of child support being paid. Our firm can guide you through the entire modification process - from start to finish. We represent men and women throughout Orange County, North San Diego County, and the surrounding areas.

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