Divorce Services

We handle virtually all aspects of family law proceedings that can arise as part of a divorce.

This includes: annulment, division of community property, protection of your separate property, the analysis  and application of business and property valuations, spousal support, child support, child custody, child custody move-aways, domestic violence protective orders, contesting or setting aside existing divorce judgments, and modification of existing orders.

Definitions of Common Terms

Annulment: Voiding a marriage (thereby avoiding spousal support and any joint property) on the grounds it was entered into based on fraud, coercion, unsound mind, or other qualifying grounds.

Separate Property: Protecting your separate property from being divided in a divorce.

Business Valuations: Advocating for proper valuation of a business for asset equalization in a divorce, determining cash flow available for support from such business interests.

Protection of Business Interests: Helping to keep your business and its operations in your hands, protecting you from damage and liability from leaked trade secrets and confidential employee information, damage to your business reputation, maintenance of employee and customer confidence during divorce.

Commencement or defense of separate civil court proceedings as needed to protect your business.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders: Obtaining emergency orders to stop verbal and psychological abuse, threats, physical abuse to you and/or your children.

Divorce - Where Do I Start?

Every divorce is unique and the number and complexity of issues can greatly vary. Starting the process can be overwhelming and stressful. We help by providing a roadmap and navigating you through the journey every step of the way.

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Law of Divorce in a Nutshell

The overall principles of divorce are simple, although their application can be extremely complex. Here are the basic principals in a nutshell:

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