Divorce/Family Law

Family law can be a complex process in which emotions and personalities can impact the course of marital dissolution.

While we strive to settle our cases, if litigation becomes necessary, our experience in family law and business litigation provides us with an uncommon level of expertise in moving our clients through the divorce process with a clear focus and strong legal representation.

"Sven and the Buncher Law staff are terrific to work with and I highly recommend them for anyone needing an excellent family law attorney. Thanks to my ex-husband for selecting the Buncher Law firm to handle our divorce proceedings, as it was a very simple process."

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Where do I start?
Aside from the emotional impact of ending a relationship, the actual process of divorce is daunting. We can help by breaking it down into the main issues and providing a plan to get started.  [read more]

Law of Divorce in a Nutshell
While the overall principles of divorce are simple, their application is generally quite complex. We explain the issues that pertain to your situation in easy-to-understand terms.  [read more]

Divorce Services
Every family law situation is unique and our approach is tailored for every case. Understanding the nuances in the “language of divorce” is essential to fully comprehend the all of the steps as well as the legal actions we will be taking on your behalf. These pages will help educate you about the process.

Our attorneys handle complex high asset divorce, custody and support issues, paternity, non-marital cohabitation claims and mediation. Our winning edge is culled from years of experience as business litigators coupled with our extensive family law background. The journey through this process includes guiding and supporting you with the simple goal of creating an easier transition to a new beginning.  [read more]

Property Division

Community Property
In California, all assets and debts in a marriage are considered community property and are divided equally. However, there are nuances, whether in a divorce or legal separation, that need to be vetted and considered. These are explained here. [read more]

Asset Valuation/Hidden Assets
Whether you are seeking to uncover hidden assets, protect your separate property, or prevent business loss, we can help analyze these issues turning to outside forensic experts when necessary. We have the expertise and experience to defend your rights.   [read more]

Protection of Business Interests
Protecting business assets during a divorce can be a contentious area. When needed, we call upon one of our outside financial analysts to take a deep dive into complex financial issues. Our extensive business litigation and trial expertise helps resolve problems smoothly and more quickly.   [read more]

Property and assets division during divorce
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Custody, Child Support & Spousal Support

Child Custody & Support
Custody fights can cause some of the most stressful situations during a divorce. We minimize these problems and look for productive solutions. Details that simplify the important nuances of custody and support are detailed in this section. [read more]

Spousal Support
Sometimes called alimony, spousal support involves monthly or bi-monthly payments from one spouses to the other. At times there can be deeper underlying issues which may need to be sorted out. We also assist unmarried couples to obtain palimony financial support. [read more]

We have significant experience resolving questions about the biological paternity of a child. Determining paternity and dealing with custody, child support and visitation issues are explained here. [read more]

Move-Away Orders
What happens with custody when one parent needs to move away? There are important legal issues and burdens of proof that can enter into decisions about child custody. This section looks at the facts and considerations that the court may consider. [read more]

Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence
No one deserves to be the victim of domestic violence or to have untrue accusations of domestic violence cast upon them. We passionately protect the rights of men and women in domestic violence matters as examined in this section. [read more]

Restraining Orders
Restraining orders are designed to protect family members. There are Emergency Protective Orders, Temporary Restraining Orders, and Permanente Restraining Orders. Details can be found in this section. [read more]

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
There are additional types of restraining orders to protect the safety and reputation of our clients. In some instances, existing and former dating relationships as well as close blood relatives can qualify for Civil Harassment and Workplace Restraining orders. Understand your options. [read more]

Domestic Violence
Divorce Agreement

Additional Family Law Issues

Setting Aside of Stipulated Judgments
A marital settlement, or Stipulated Judgement, can be called into question. This can come about if there is a misunderstanding of the terms or if one of the parties was not represented by an attorney. Understand your rights. [read more]

Modification of Existing Orders
Changing an order requires a substantial change in circumstances. The court might recognize issues such as a prolonged illness, one spouse being relocated for a job, or the express preference by a child. Here’s how it works. [read more]

Pre & Post-Marital Agreements
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be recognized in the courts. Details such as the division of property, custody or support issues can come into play. Read more about when these agreements are enforceable. [read more]