Entia Lawal


Entia Lawal has a reputation for being the “calm in the storm” for the clients of The Buncher Law Corporation. Her respect and empathy for the turmoil her clients are experiencing provides the foundation for her work, and she strives to make each client understand that he or she is supported by a team who can be trusted to put his or her needs first. With values that are in line with the firm’s core beliefs, Entia is dedicated to providing truth, candor, and the long-term tools for happiness and success.

In addition to assisting the attorneys and being the primary point of contact for many clients, Entia uses her extensive experience in researching and instituting dynamic new software, technologies, and streamlined practices to help the firm maximize client value, reduce expenses, and support the attorneys’ effective use of time and energy. This allows the firm to offer more focused attention to successful case management.

Prior to joining The Buncher Law Corporation, Entia spent more than a decade working as a Paralegal, Certified Legal Document Assistant, and Notary Public throughout Orange County. She also has a background in book editing, acting, and the operational side of business management. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University – Long Beach.