How Do You Start Mediation for Divorce?

All divorce processes, including mediations, begin by filing a petition with the court. A mediator can assist with the preparation and the filing of this petition with the court.

Mediation can be more straight-forward than litigation in terms of cost and scheduling, but the process is just as serious and structured. Remember to bring questions to your mediator and take note of the answers you receive. Education is a large part of the mediation process. To make intelligent decisions, you need to understand the options that are available to you.

Make certain you take control of your mediation process; be an active participant and come armed with ideas. If you run into unfamiliar terminology or concepts ask for definitions and explanations. Conduct your own research and read as much as you can to understand your situation more thoroughly.

Although there may be contention between you and the other party, mediation is a process that demands some basic cooperation. A friend of mine, who was a practiced business negotiator, told me that all disputes must end in agreement; either agree to proceed or agree to disagree. For successful divorce mediation, the parties must agree to proceed – to work beyond emotions and personal issues and toward the dissolution of their marriage.