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Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking Divorce Advice from Social Media

In the era of quick solutions and instant gratification, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeking advice from the least reliable sources. This is particularly true when it comes to matters as complex and personal as divorce. When scrolling on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, you might encounter tons of free advice from divorcees or influencers claiming to offer golden nuggets of wisdom.

However, there is a reason divorce attorneys discourage their clients from taking advice on social media. It can be misleading and, in some cases, detrimental to your case.

A 30-Second Video Could Steer You in the Wrong Direction

The allure of divorce attorneys on TikTok or other platforms offering short videos filled with tips on getting divorced can be tempting. A 30-second clip might capture your attention with a catchy tune or an influencer’s confident assurance, but it barely scratches the surface of the big picture. These videos are designed to influence and attract viewers, not to provide a comprehensive guide on the next steps for divorcees.

The simplification of complex legal advice into short, catchy videos inherently omits critical details. State laws vary significantly from one to another locality with each jurisdiction having its own set of rules and procedures. A generic video, no matter how engaging, cannot possibly cover all the legal nuances applicable to an individual’s specific situation. This lack of specificity can lead viewers to form misconceptions about the divorce process or develop unrealistic expectations.

These videos fail to emphasize the importance of the required paperwork and procedural formalities involved in a divorce. Legal documentation is a fundamental aspect of divorce proceedings and any oversight or error can lead to delays, additional costs, or more severe legal repercussions. The intricacies of filling out forms correctly, understanding filing deadlines, and following court protocols cannot be adequately conveyed in a social media video.

Having a Real Conversation About Divorce

Understanding why you shouldn’t take divorce advice from social media is integral to your divorce process. Platforms filled with content on nasty divorce tricks or oversimplified solutions do not provide the foundation needed for making informed decisions. Each divorce case is unique and issues such as child custody, alimony, asset division, and more, require personalized legal advice.

Consultation with a divorce attorney offers what social media cannot: a real conversation about your divorce. A qualified legal professional can navigate the complexities of your case, advise you on your specific needs, and outline a strategy to get the best possible outcome. Plus, unlike influencers or divorcees on social media, divorce attorneys have a deep understanding of the law and years of experience with similar cases. They can guide you through the process with comprehensive support and legal expertise.

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