successful mediator with couple

Is Mediation Right for You?

For many, an amicable divorce is what is desired. The mediation process typically takes less time and is less expensive than a traditional divorce. However, the caveat is it takes two willing parties.

At Buncher Law, if you are considering a mediated dissolution, we typically will set 5 – 10 appointments for the couple to meet with one of our attorneys.

During these initial divorce meetings, the attorney acts as a neutral party whom is there to advise on how the law applies to your specific situation. A judgment is drafted based on the equitable distribution of assets/debts, and through various negotiations, the mediator takes into account the couples overall goals. In some instances, we have started the mediation process only to end up with both parties hiring their own separate attorneys to litigate the case.

To learn more about the Pros and Cons of Divorce Mediation, read more about it on our site.

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