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How Paternity Is Established

Paternity is increasingly easier to establish due the advancement of technology via DNA testing. It can be done quickly and painlessly through DNA comparison of a swab sample of the cells from inside the father’s and child’s cheeks. A blood test can also be used to prove paternity.

Additional evidence can also be introduced to help establish paternity, such as:

  • Testimony about sexual relations between the parties.
  • Evidence of an intimate relationship between the parties during pregnancy.
  • The designation of the father on the birth certificate.
  • Reference by the alleged father in postcards, etc. to the child as the child’s “daddy.”
  • The provision of gifts by the alleged father to the child.

In some instances under California law, a non-biological parent (even of the same sex) may be legally declared to be the child’s parent with responsibility for child support.

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