couple in mediation with a divorce lawyer

Why Conversations about Mediated Divorces are Increasing

A Mediated Divorce Can Cut Expenses

Legal battles are not inexpensive no matter what the legal dispute is about. Just paying for the court’s attention and time can end up costing more than the divorcing spouses expected. If your divorce drags on because one spouse will not bend a knee to anything, both of you can end up paying more in attorney fees than if you had worked together. Whenever possible collaborating spouses will save a significant amount in legal fees.

A mediated divorce is another great option to minimize attorney fees and other legal fees that don’t go to your law firm. Mediation is for couples who choose to work together towards a conclusion rather than butt heads each step of the way. You and your spouse will only need to hire one joint divorce mediation lawyer rather than both of you needing to pay for an attorney of your own.

During the mediation process your chosen joint legal representative will provide insight and clarity regarding laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to your divorce. This can allow each of you to have more confidence in your divorce agreement because the mediator cannot favor one person or the other.

Choose the Right Lawyer to Minimize Fees

Choosing the right family law attorney is also crucial in order to preserve finances during your divorce. Working with someone who doesn’t take your case to heart can lead to confusion and arguments that extend your case and therefore, increases how much you are paying in attorney fees. This is what we mean when we say that at Buncher Family Law we have an uncommon edge. Make certain the team of your choice puts your family first and takes the extra steps to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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