Getting what you want out of your divorce

Getting What You Want Out of Divorce

No one knows what the future holds, but when you married, you and your spouse made a commitment to face it together. Like many couples before you, you may find the reality of such a concept becomes too difficult over time. If you decided that getting divorced is your best option, consider taking the time to process the emotional side of things before approaching the legal. Any divorce attorney will tell you that doing so will help the whole process go more smoothly.

The next step involves deciding what you want from divorce negotiations. From a financial standpoint, how will you divide the assets? If you prefer to continue living in the house you own together, are you able to come up with the money to buy your spouse out? Perhaps the biggest issue may involve children still living at home. Do you want custody of the kids and how will you arrange for visitation with your spouse?

Prioritizing Your Wants

Bear in mind that getting divorced is a two-way street, and just as important as thinking about what you want to keep is deciding what to give up in your divorce. Make a list of items you own together and assign priorities to each. If keeping real estate is your number one concern, think about what you can offer in return.

Negotiating the issue of a child custody agreement is obviously a less cut-and-dry issue than dividing assets, and it is no longer just about what you or your spouse want. The priority needs to be your children’s happiness and limiting the disruption to their daily lives. Most importantly, be careful not to say anything negative or lay blame on each other. Kids don’t care about who filed for divorce first; they want to know that although things will change, both of their parents will still be there to love them.

Starting the Process

Now that you’ve had some time to deal with your emotions and put thought into splitting up the assets, it’s time to contact a divorce attorney. If you would like to avoid an adversarial divorce, learn more about mediation.

The attorneys at Buncher Family Law are skilled in guiding clients through the process of mediation, which is generally easier and less disruptive than litigation. Mediation can help you reach a fair settlement in less time than going through the courts, allowing you to move on and enjoy life after divorce sooner.

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