How to handle holiday's during your divorce

How to Handle Holidays During Your Divorce

Divorce can be difficult, and the holidays often add an additional layer of stress. Many people grieve the loss of traditions spent with an ex-spouse or struggle with the demands of a holiday schedule. And some new divorcee’s worry about the long-term effects it can have on their kids at a time when families should be together.

Divorce during the holidays can come with additional considerations depending on which state you reside in. If you live in the state of California and are thinking of finalizing your divorce before the new year, you may want to reconsider. The waiting period for getting divorced is six months.

But no matter where you are in the divorce process there are steps you can take to better cope during the holidays. Read on for a few tips.

Make new traditions

Divorce changes everything. Create new traditions and memories. If you have children incorporate traditions of yesteryear. A few ideas are to watch a holiday movie, bake festive cookies or make DIY ornaments. Plus, new traditions offer an opportunity for your kids to contribute their ideas and get creative.

As hard as it might be, getting along with your ex-spouse will make the holidays easier to handle. You want to enjoy time with friends and family, and for your kids to enjoy visiting with all of their grandparents. If you and your spouse are constantly fighting, you run the risk your kids will associate the holidays with a negative experience. And keeping the co-parenting schedule up to date will help greatly.

But what if you do not have children? It’s still especially important to surround yourself with loved ones. Don’t avoid family and friends, especially the first couple of years as a divorcee. Being alone and ruminating about your divorce will only worsen your situation.

Divorce during the holidays can add further stress to an already emotional experience. Moving forward may require you to act the opposite of how you’re feeling. But you can have your own feelings while still showing your children that it’s alright to be joyous. In turn, this will give them permission to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilt or anger.

The new year is coming

Regardless of who initiates the divorce, getting divorced during the holidays can be complicated. If you ask before the holidays you run the risk that your spouse may refuse to participate in family events. If you wait until after the holidays both you and your spouse will have to maintain your marriage even longer.

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