Holiday Changes in Visitation

Visitation during the Holidays

Parenting Issues Can Be Challenging During the Holidays

Divorce court judges tend to get busier during the end of the year as conflicts between parents over visitation during the holidays increases. Even though your parenting plan may clearly define visitation times there are many reasons why you or your ex-spouse may wish to deviate from the original plan. These might include unexpected visits from family or upcoming travel plans. While changes to your regular schedule may not always be convenient, there are ways to minimize the stress. It helps to remember compromise is key.

Tips to Help the Holiday Season Run Smoothly:

  • Make plans in advance.
    If holiday plans are going to deviate from your regular parenting plan it is important to let your ex-spouse know early on in the process.
    Give them as much advanced notice as possible to work something out cooperatively and avoid preventable frustration and conflict.
  • Communication is key.
    If you are going to request a schedule change with the other parent, explain why the change would be helpful to you or your child.
    The more they know about the situation the more understanding they are likely to be.
  • The door swings both ways.
    Even if your ex-spouse is testing your patience and flexibility, remember that one day you might appreciate a return of the favor. Exhibiting patience can be helpful.
  • Be vocal and responsive.
    Disagree with your ex-spouse’s plan? Don’t keep it to yourself.
    Bring it up and try to explore alternatives. Don’t agree to a plan initially and then refuse access to your child when the time comes.
  • Coordinate your gift giving.
    Communicate with your ex-spouse to ensure your child doesn’t receive duplicate gifts.

These tips can be very functional and useful not only during the holidays, but also helpful for successful changes that may arise throughout the year. As long as you and your ex-spouse keep your child’s happiness and needs a priority you are more likely to avoid unnecessary drama and stress.

We hope you and your family enjoy a very happy and wonderful holiday season.

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