Four Steps to Overcome

Transitioning Successfully After Divorce

The process of overcoming a divorce is wrought with stress, high tension, and a full range of emotions. In most instances, it is not worth remaining in a relationship that doesn’t work. But once all is said and done, you’re on your way to something brand new.

The process itself is never an easy one, but there is a beauty in finding yourself again. Here are some simple steps, created from our experiences at Buncher Family Law, for you to consider when beginning your life over again after a divorce.

Four Tips for Success Transition

  1.      Surround yourself with positivity

Whether it’s friends, or family, or a combination of the two, it’s time to surround yourself with people who care when you’re struggling with the post-divorce blues. And this isn’t about finding a clique to bad-mouth your ex-spouse. What is needed now is positive reinforcement to move forward towards new growth.

  1.      Learn something new

Sign up for painting classes or learn a new language. This is your chance to refocus your emotions into something constructive. Try something you’ve always wanted to do, but perhaps were not ready to try. Or maybe you can even choose something completely random. This is a great opportunity to discover a brand new passion and help you leave the past behind.

  1.      Do some “spring cleaning” (Even if it isn’t spring!)

A clean living environment reflects a clean state of mind. After getting through such a challenging time, doing a big detox and declutter post-divorce can do wonders.

Studies have shown that owners of organized homes are less stressed, more focused, tend to have more energy, and even sleep better. It’s a convenient opportunity to put away potentially painful reminders of your ex-spouse. We recommend storing these things, or giving them to a shared loved one (like your child), or donating them.

  1.      Make yourself your priority

Being a spouse means that you often put your partner and their needs ahead of yours. But becoming newly single again allows you to now focus on putting yourself first. Make a list of goals and main priorities, start mapping them out by calendar date, or even journal your daily feelings to better understand which direction you want to be heading. It’s time to look after you.

The team at The Buncher Family Law has helped countless clients overcome the difficult divorce process with compassion. Whether through a cooperative mediation or litigating a divorce in the courtroom, The Buncher Law Corporation makes their client and their needs our main priority. Our founder, Sven Buncher, and partner Lauren Mullee, are expert communicators and lead the way with our uncommon edge.

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