How to celebrate your divorce

How to Celebrate Your Divorce

After months, or even years, of dealing with the divorce process, it is finally over. No more discussions with your attorney to iron out the nitty-gritty details, no more figuring out how to negotiate with your former spouse. So, what’s next?

First, take a minute to acknowledge the obvious: When you stood up at your wedding and professed your undying love, you did not foresee this ending. While there’s no denying the pain of divorce, you now have the opportunity to put it all behind you and make a fresh start.

Instead of grieving the failure of your marriage, it’s time now to focus on the relief of finalizing a divorce. It’s a new beginning – the doorway to your new life!  We recommend that you mark the occasion in the same manner you’d mark any other important beginning or ending. How about throwing a party?

A Divorce Party?

Sure, why not?  The whole goal is to not just accept, but to embrace the concept of moving forward after divorce. With the worst of it in the rearview mirror, you are now free to think about what your new life will be, and the positive aspects of being single.

Plan a light-hearted atmosphere. Serve fun things to eat and drink, such as divorce-themed cocktails (like “Rum, Baby, Rum!”).  Challenge your friends to come up with some good names for drinks!  Consider serving a white, 3-tiered cake decorated with graffiti such as “See ya!” and “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” or your anniversary date with skull and crossbones through it. Play some fun games, like pin the nose on the ex, to get people laughing and keep things light. You can find lots of fun ideas for divorce parties on Pinterest.  (One caveat with regard to divorce parties is to include only your closest friends. Parents, children, and coworkers are best left out of this intimate, tongue-in-cheek gathering.)

Getting the Support You Need

Having support during your divorce is critical to your emotional health.  Throwing a party not only allows you to focus on celebrating your next chapter, it’s also a great way to thank those close friends who stood by you during the transition.

Just as important as having friends by your side, having good legal counsel is critical to your best possible future.  Your divorce attorney should be qualified to handle any scenario that may arise, and should be accessible and available to assist you throughout the process.  The attorneys at Buncher Family Law have decades of experience helping clients navigate the divorce process, and we are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way. We would be honored to help you achieve a successful outcome in your divorce, so that you too can celebrate the beginning of your next chapter!

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