House rules for living together while getting divorced

House Rules for Living Together While Getting Divorced

Have you contacted an attorney and are moving forward with divorce but cannot move out of your residence? It isn’t uncommon today that couples in the process of marital dissolution find that they still have to live together. Situations like these come with many complications, to make the experience as harmonious as possible, put in place a few rules and guidelines.

The Short List

Here are four best practices to help you get through a divorce while still living together:

  1. Make a parenting schedule
  2. Follow basic roommate etiquette
  3. Determine who will pay for what
  4. Don’t invite new romantic interests into the home

Parenting Schedule

Living under the same roof might be advantageous for partners who have children together. However, it may cause additional complications if one spouse wishes to spend time with the children, but not with the other spouse. Establishing a parenting schedule can help to reduce potential disputes in the home and keep your children at ease. Also, remember to put kids first before taking any step that may cause difficulty in the household.

Roommate Etiquette

Pick up after yourself, be considerate of communal space, ask before eating food you did not purchase, and avoid camping in the restroom, among other things. Nothing could exacerbate already-rising tensions than a lack of thoughtfulness. Inconsiderate conduct, especially if this was an issue in your relationship, will only make your post-marital home life more difficult, so be courteous.

Splitting Costs

Financial troubles are among the top causes that lead to divorce in the first place, it can become a big source of debate when you convert into “housemates.” Sit down with your spouse – and possibly a divorce mediator as well – to discuss finances and identify the significant shared financial commitments. If your incomes are comparable, it seems sensible to split ordinary expenses (mortgage, property taxes, insurance, electricity, etc.) evenly.

Romantic Awkwardness

Is there anything more emotional than walking in to see your ex on a romantic evening in your own home? Ignoring such limitations will make your life more difficult. It’s acceptable to date if you want to, but prudence is essential; therefore, establish a no sex in the house rule.

Add Your Own

Divorce can be unpleasant on many levels, and stepping out of the house is not always a possibility – even when two individuals have decided to get divorced – because property prices are growing and living costs are steep. More than ever before, individuals are finding themselves still living together during divorce procedures because they lack the financial means to maintain two separate residences. Others opt to stay in the same household for varied reasons, such as keeping the family unit intact or stay close to their kids.

Ground house rules and rules for living together while getting divorced are the most crucial thing to set when you continue to live together but have chosen not to be together as a couple. Assume that you are residing with a roommate rather than a partner. The key to living harmoniously and having an amicable divorce is to treat one another with understanding and respect. If you cannot interact with one another without fighting, consider exchanging emails or text messages and restricting communications to what is absolutely essential, or get help from mediation services. Also, mutually agree on how to tell family and friends about your divorce. Don’t assume things on your own or make decisions without consulting with one another.

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